The Escola Internacional da Madeira has made some photo albums available for easy browsing and navigation for parents and other visitors to the web site.

Visitors and pupils can click on the photos below to begin browsing the photo collections.


Photos of the inauguration of the International School of Madeira by the Secretary of Education in the present building.

Dr. Sandra Fernandes (Board Member), Thelma Armstrong Teixeira (Principal), and Dr. Francisco Santos (Secretary of Education) during the inauguration speech in the present building - on the 27th June 2000
Guests and parents listening to the inauguration speech of the Secretary of Education in the present building - on the 27th June 2000.
Parents' cocktail party after the inauguration.


Our lovely Crèche
Santa Claus coming to the Crèche
Classroom in action
Individualised teaching
Pre-school - learning about shapes and colours
Playtime in the Nursery
Juliete and her dolly in the Nursery
Nursery - playing games
Nursery - Pedro busy with his toy
Nursery toys and costumes
Computer class
Computer class in the attic with the floating floor.
Making shapes with our bodies
Making shapes with our bodies
Playing with ice
Isn't she the cutest thing?
Enjoying books
Painting pasta
Races with paint
Playing with flour


Thinking hard.... heading for championships
Jumping for joy
Fun and games in the garden
Jump Joana! Jump!
Sack race on the upper playground
Primaries having fun!
At Quinta das Cruzes
Cops & robbers
At Quinta das Cruzes
What is inside?
I wrote a letter to my love..
Carolina (Pre-school) and Ines (Creche) playing in the house


Photos from several outings planned specially by the school. Included are pictures of some of our mentors and special visitors that are experts in their field.

Visiting the Jardim Botanico of Funchal and discovering the life of plants
Father Dwyer vividly describing historical events to the children
Attending a lecture about the fauna and flora of Madeira
Visiting the local fire station and seeing a real fire engine!
Excursion to the Endeavour on its visit to Madeira - 09.02.2004
Endeavour 09.02.2004 - Captain's cabine
09.02.2004 - History lesson about the Endeavour
Endeavour 09.02.2004 - on the deck
Santana Theme Park - 04.03.2009
Santana Theme Park - 04.03.2009
When the Dinosaurs came to Madeira we went to visit them - 29.04.2011
Getting friendly with the Dinossaurs - 29.04.2011
Madeira Regional Art Week, down the road from our school - 17.06.2011
Madeira Regional Art Week, when we were in Primary 2 - 17.06.2011
Learning about the history of Madeira at the feet of Zarco, the 1st Governor
School days are the happiest days of our life
Electricity Museum 15.2.11
Electricity Museum 15.2.11 - Hand/Eye co-ordination
Electricity Museum 15.2.11 - Exploring science
Electricity Museum 15.2.11 - Exploring science
Holiday club 2010 - Quinta das Cruzes museum garden, where we play after lunch every day
Holiday club 2010 - Visiting the Frederico de Freitas Museum
Holiday club 2010 - Up, up and away In the helicopter!
Dental Show 21.06.2011
We went to visit Snowman in Funchal
Henrique, Matias and Martim in the Library
Ilaria reading
Want to see what I am reading?
Amira concentrating on her story
We love books!


On their way up to Primary I
Graduation songs
Graduation party
Parents, grandparents, Godparents, cousins, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters... enjoying the show
Singing the Lollipop song
Matilde, Maria-Pia and Deandra
Graduation party - cake made by Pastipan in Santa Cruz (delicious)
Dr Rosana Rodrigues chatting to our French parents
Leonor Sampaio, delighted to have graduated with Honours
Graduation party
Mozart play: Mozart and Nanrel at the clavier
Preps singing
The new Primary 1 and the old Primary 4


Our children participate in many festivals. Here are photos of some of our events.

"Bolo Rei" celebrations in Amparo
Away in a Manger at Christmas time
The sheperd and the king who lost his crown
The arrival of the angels
Hark the herold angels sing
Peace, beauty and innocence
The departure of the angels
6th of January, Dia de Reis


The Easter Games - Egg and Spoon race
The Easter egg hunt on the playground
Parents paying attention to the games
Happy parents
Dressing up game
Ready, set, go!
Looking for Easter Eggs in the garden
Opening dance
Don't miss a thing!
Beanbag on the bat game
Family support
Sack race
The referee
We are almost there!
Paparazzi parents
Rope game
Ready for "The Big Walk"
Good times togheter
Sweet happy girls
Sports Day 2014
The Blue team cheering
Sports Day 2014 in the Gardens of the Anglican church
Sports Day 2014
The skipping race
Sports day 2014
Screams of pure joy: Horay! Our team won!
Sports day 2014
Ready for the Olympic Sprint
Sports Day 2014
Parents' and grandparents' relay race.
Sports Day 2014
Miss Tania in action!
Sports Day 2014
Singing 'Happy Birthday' to João (2 years old) and Mr Evangelista after all the games and races.This was followed by a gorgeous birthday cake with smarties!


Carnival over the years. This is one of the many fun times of the school year.


EIM Pre-school and Nursery children offering Easter eggs to the poor children.
Miss Carlota, Miss Jenny and Miss Marthie with the children and the Easter eggs at Santa Clara.
Sister Delina, the sister superior of Santa Clara receiving the Easter eggs from the children and staff of EIM.

Pao por Deus / Halloween

Halloween costumes - primary 3&4
Halloween costumes
Preps and Nursery
A member of the Inner Wheel Children's Foundation was invited to come and speak to the children.
Lots of bats, witches, vampires, ghosts and pumkins ready for our party
Halloween snack: mummy juice, hand popcorn and bloody jelly...
Super Henrique
Scary Matias
Sweet Marta
A ghost named Clara
We loved our party!


Gabriella 3 years old
Party time for Carolina, aged 7
Teresa's party
Our 7th birthday
Annual school anniversary party
Happy birthday Rosie!
Light up the classroom with your smile
Ines and Sara
Pleased as punch