Henrique, pronto para lutar contra os orcs!

Henrique Abreu

Primary 2, 7 years old

The Hobbits

Once upon a time a hobbit with brown eyes and brown hair lived in a secret forest.
He lived in a tree house and there was a castle which was attacked by a dragon, and there the adventure started.

A wizard came. His name was Gandalf. The dwarves made the hobbit their burglar and then at night the orcs and trolls came.
The trolls took seven horses. They fought against the trolls.
Gandalf cast a spell and turned the trolls into stone.
Then the pale orc came to attack them, but then the eagles came to rescue them.
The book continues with lots of adventures with the hobbit, Gandalf and the dwarves.

Ema Figueira

2ª classe, 7 anos

O Príncipe e a Princesa

Era uma vez, um castelo muito grande onde vivia a fada Ema.
O príncipe estava num baile com a sua linda princesa, mas a madrasta apareceu e disse à princesa que estava de castigo um mês. A princesa tentou fugir mas o seu quarto estava trancado.
A fada Ema tirou-a daquele quarto e pediu aos guardas para abrirem o portão. Eles abriram o portão e ela fugiu, mas caíu num poço muito fundo.

A nossa fada Constanca (a direita)

Constança Sampaio

2ª classe, 7 anos

As Fadas

Era uma vez duas fadas lindas com varinhas e asas cintilantes.
As duas fadinhas iam fazer uma viagem. Montaram os seus unicórnios e lá foram elas a voar.
As fadas voaram e voaram pela floresta. Até que ouviram um barulho que parecia ser de um monstro. As fadas gritaram de susto.
O tal barulho estava cada vez mais perto e apareceu o monstro. Mas com o pó mágico e um feitiço derrotaram-no. E assim acabou a aventura das fadas!

Clara Dejean (3a da esquerda)

Clara Dejean

2ª classe, 7 anos

A Fada do Arco- íris  

Era uma vez uma fada do arco-íris porque adorava as cores.
A fada tinha cabelo loiro e olhos azuis.

A sua cor preferida era o azul porque era a cor do céu.
A fada tinha vários vestidos brancos e asas brilhantes e grandes. Ela tinha um rabo de cavalo no cabelo e usava laço.
Usava maquilhagem nos olhos e batom na boca.
Um dia ela encontrou um mágico. Eles ficaram apaixonados, casaram e tiveram muitos filhos.


Depois da viagem memoravel, a Amelie esta de volta connosco na Madeira

Amelie Abreu in Primary 4

My Trip to London

I was thrilled when my parents announced that we were going to visist London. After waiting for what seemed like forever, the day finally arrived and we boarded the flight. Heathrow airport has five terminals and it's one of the busiest in the world. Then we got on the bus and it took so long to get to the terminal building.

Our first outing was to Porto Belo Market which had lots of good food and jewellery at a very low price. I observed that the roads were quite clean and neat. The local people were quite friendly.

We took a bus tour and got off at Buckingham Palace. I saw lots of soldiers marching around, protecting the Queen. At the side was Hyde Park. We went there to play on the grass. I saw lots of squirrels climbing trees. The second place we visited was the British Museum. There were lots of Greek statues and Roman soldiers. I smelt dust because they were building another exposition. We ate at a cafe and had some apple juice with a sandwich. Then we touched lots of different statues and paintings.

When we came back to Lisbon we saw a dolphin show. My brother went in a little boat that was being pushed by dolphins. Later on we went to see the tigers walking up and down. We also went to the lions and heard them growling. We proceeded to the Oceanarium by car. There we enjoyed watching all the sharks and fishes. The animal that I liked the most was the otter. I enjoyed watching the way he lies down on the water.

We also visited Big Ben on a rainy, misty morning. I enoyed my trip immensely and the most memorable event was my birthday. 


Amelie Abreu in Primary 4

chose to research and write about

Barak Husein Obama

Barak Husein Obama was born in Hawaii, Honolulu in the United States of America. He was born on the 4th of August in 1961. His father was a black student from Kenya, also Barak Obama. His mother, Ann Dunham was white from Kansas. Most of the time he lived in Hawaii except when he was 6 to 10 years old while he lived in Indonesia. Later he moved to Hawaii to live with his grandparents.He went to the Occidental College in New York City. Barak Obama admired George Wahington because he was the first person to become the president of the United States. Later Barak Obama would become the first black president of the United States.

Barak Obama is very good at his speeches because when he was young he would practise in front of a mirror. One of his quotations is "My job is not to represent Washington to you, but to represent you to Washington".  He is very intelligent, courageous and outspoken. In 2008 he became president of the U.S.A. having beaten Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination and then John McCain who was the Republican candidate. This year, with the help of Bill Clinton he is trying to get elected again as president.

Barak Obama is trying his best to beat Mitt Romney for his second term as president. Mitt Romney is from the Republican party. His aim is to make the U.S.A. into a better place. He gives people advice about their homes, lives and he runs the country. One of Obama's profound statements is, "If we are not willing to pay a price for our values, then we should ask ourselves whether we truly believe in them at all."

He started a bill in congress called Obama Care, which is meant to provide cheaper basic health care for all Americans. While he is president of America he lives in the White House (where all the Presidents of America live) with his wife Michele, two daughters and a Portuguese water dog.



O Matias tem uma mente curiosa e uma grande imaginacao

Matias Loja-Teixeira

9 years old in Primary 4, researched

Lance Armstrong

I choose to write about Lance Edward Armstrong because I think he is a special and interesting person. He was born on the 18th of September 1971, in Plano, Texas, United States of America. His parents, Linda Gayle and Eddie Gunderson, were divorced when he was still a baby. Linda had to raise him alone, and she was only seventeen years old.

Later on, Linda married Terry Armstrong, and Lance received his named, although he was not his real father, he adopted him. For the second time, Linda was alone again because they also were divorced.  Linda had to work very hard to raise this child. His mother´s determination gave him an example, because she was his model.

When he was seven, he received his first bike, from his mother. He started to ride it immediately and proved he was a natural athlete. During highschool he interrupted his studies to train with de U.S Olympic team, but later he had pivate lessons and received his highschool diploma in 1989.

One day , in October 1996 the doctors said that he had cancer. It spread to many parts of his body. Armstrong never lost his determination. He challenged it face to face, like he used to do in sports. His attitude was rewarded a few moths later, when he was declared cancer-free. In 2005, Lance Armstrong made history by winning the very famous Tour of France Race for the seventh consecutive year. He is also a cancer survivor who has inspired millions of people around the world. Life made him combine these two passions: cycling and the fight against cancer.

He founded a race called Tour of Hope, because he wanted to educate the public about the importance of early cancer detection, to raise funds for cancer research and to show that there is hope for a cure. At the end of the race e declared: “ the Tour of Hope is over for these riders, but what will never be over is Hope”

I think this is the best that he could do for the others, to give hope to everyone who suffers from a disease that kills more than half a million people in the U.S.A each year.

Although Armstrong is one of the most famous athletes in the world, he has also became a symbol of hope for cancer survivors everywhere. According to him , “ cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me; cancer is my secret because none of my rivals has been that close to death and it makes you look at the world  in a different light, and that is a huge advantage”.

Recently, Armstrong has been acused of doping by the U.S anti-doping Agency. Nothing has been really proved, and he always maintained is innocence, but after a while, he decided not to fight this charges anymore. That means that he can lose all his prizes ans rewards earned so far.

I hope these charges are not true  and I believe that he is not guilty.


Matias Loja Teixeira – 4º Ano 

“Meninos ricos não brincam com meninos pobres”


Eu não acho que seja justo os meninos pobres não brincarem com os ricos. Os meninos ricos só vão às festas dos ricos, só brincam com os ricos, só vão às casas dos meninos ricos. Com os meninos pobres é a mesma coisa. Os meninos pobres são mais divertidos, inventam o que quiserem para se divertir. Normalmente isto acontece na nossa sociedade, mas não só, em todo o mundo também!

Normalmente são os pais que impedem os meninos ricos de brincarem com os meninos pobres. Os pais dos meninos ricos dão-lhes tudo o que querem para eles poderem brincar sozinhos. Mas há alguns meninos que se esgueiram de casa para poderem brincar com os meninos pobres, porque as suas brincadeiras são mais divertidas do que os brinquedos comprados.

É assim que tudo acontece e sempre tem acontecido. Bem, esperemos que passe a ser de outra forma. Eu acho que, se calhar, daqui a alguns anos passe a ser diferente e os meninos ricos brinquem com os pobres.


Beatriz com a sua escultura preferida

Beatriz Costa

Primary 3


Before printing was invented there were only a few books as they were copied by hand and were very expensive. Only a few people had access to books because they were kept in libraries.

After printing was invented many more books were produced and people wanted to learn to read. Story books were popular but still expensive. People could borrow books from libraries with a charge for borrowing.

Books were important for education. Text books were printed and allowed people to become more educated, able to invent, able to think and run better businesses. The daily newspapers could be printed and allowed people to know what was happening in the world.

Printing changed the world more than many other inventions.



Beatriz Costa in Primary 4

chose to research and write about

Dionísio Fernandes Pestana

by Dionísio Pestana was born on the 8th of April 1952 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

His parents, Caridade and Manuel Pestana were from a small fishing village in Madeira - Ribeira Brava. They immigrated to Moçambique looking for a better future for their family. First they started working on a farm, but they saw an opportunity to start a beer company called Premier Bottle Store.

After the first difficulties, with a lot of effort and hard work they decided to invest their savings in Maputo. Later they decided to invest in their homeland - Madeira. Together with Manuel Pestana's brother, José Pestana, they bought the Hotel Atlantico, which is now called Pestana Carlton Hotel.

In the meanwhile they moved to South Africa where their son, Dionísio was born. He did all his studies in Johannesburg and in 1970 he moved to Natal to study Business and Economics in the University of Natal. During his youth he was a rugby player and he is still a rugby fan.

In 1976 when Dionísio finished his academic studies his father invited him to come to Madeira to run their family hotel business. As his father, who had moved to an English  speaking country and couldn't speak English, so Dionísio came to Madeira with only a basic knowledge of Portuguese. With hard work and a strong determination he started developing the hotel business in Madeira.

Dionísio Pestana got married in 1988 with Margarida Pestana and they have four children.

He is a Catholic and raises his family with Christian principles. He believes that hard work, loyalty, honesty and a clear aim are the principal keys to a successful life, no matter whar people do.

From the day he started running his family business with one hotel in Madeira he has developed the business and today he runs eighty-eight hotels, in thirteen different countries, on three continents. He also has other businesses in different economic areas.

He has received many awards. The last one was the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2012"by Ernest and Young.


Sera que a clara se quer juntar ao Peter Pan e nunca crescer?

Clara Vasconcelos

in Primary 3

Being an Adult

I would like to be an adult because I could do whatever I wanted to do. I would get up in the morning and start cooking. Afterwards I would call my children to come and eat. Then I would go and hang up the washing.

After that I'd go and eat an ice-cream, but I would have to buy some for my children too. I think being an adult is not very difficult. In addition, I would have to go shopping to buy lots of things. Going shopping is borig because we need to go to a lot of different shops and look for many things and if my children wanted a sweet I would not give it to them!

Further more, I would go home and make a little snack for my family and myself. Then I would invite some of my chidlren's friends and they would play and have fun for the rest of the day. After the friends go home I would have to tidy everything up. I would be very tired. When it was all tidied up, I would call my children and tell them to go and study and they would do so. If they started to play when they were supposed to work, I would get very angry and say, "Go now and study!" If they continued I would take them and lock them up in their room. If I unlocked them and they didn't study anything, I would not know what to do, but I suppose I would forbid them to play with their friends.

Now I really think that being an adult for one day is difficult, imagine for the rest of your life!  



Clara Vasconcelos  in Primary 4

chose to interview her Dad and write about

José Humberto de Sousa Vasconcelos

José Humberto de Sousa Vasconcelos was born in 1967 on the 4th of March. He has three sisters. He lived in São Vicente till he was ten years old, then he went to study in Funchal.  In the Seminar he like to playfootball and one day he set up  a tent to play cards. While he was in the Seminar he received a bicycle for his birthday. It was his first bicycle.

He studied economics at the Catholic University of Lisbon, Portugal. He started working in the medicine industry, then he changed his career and started his own business.

After some years, between 2005and 2009 he became the mayor or São vicente. He admired his grandfather who had been the mayor of Porto Moniz. He always said, "Innovate and develop with quality".

He is dynamic, communicative and innovative. He devised projects while he was on the City Council. The Projects were carried out by contractors through tenders submitted to the City Council.

He gave lots of houses and food to the people; he built roads to the people's homes; gave jobs to people and built squares and gardens through community programmes. His aim was to help people. He advised people to adhere to the law. He always said, "If you want any advice, visit our town",

He prohibited his employees from smoking. He also started streets which are still being completed.

José Vasconcelos lives in Funchal, Madeira, where he runs his own business administering buildings.


Martim Nobrega chegou da Holanda ha 2 anos sem falar 1 palavra de Ingles. Fez excelentes progressos.

Martim Nobrega

aged 9, in Primary 4, chose to research

Willard Mitt Romney 

Mitt Romney was born on 12 March 1947 in Detroit, Michigan, at the Harper Hospital. Romney's father was called George and his mother Lenore LaFonte. He has 2 sisters and one brother, all older than him. Romney attended Cranbrook School, an elite school in Bloomfield Hills, for his earlier studies. After spending one year (1965 - 1966) at Stanford University, where he met his future wife Ann Davies, he went to France for two and a half years as a Morman missionary. When he came back they were married in March 1969. They have five sons.

Romney admired his father, a business man and former governor of Michigan. At some point he wanted to be like his father. He went to Birgham Young University where he received his undergraduate degree in 1971. Then romney attended Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School and received both degrees in 1975. He joined Bain & Company, a Boston management consulting firm in 1977. In 1984 he co-founded the successful private equity firm Bain Capital, which hade him millions of dollars and created many jobs.

He has a very strong Morman faith, is devoted to his family, is very much ambitious and believes very strongly in his own abilities.

In 1994 Mitt Romney entered politics. In 2002 he ran for and was lelected Massachusetts governor. He was able to cut a budget that was about 3 billion dollars and did that without raising taxes. He also organised the Salt Lake Olympic Games. His leadership was considered a major achievement because there was an ethical scandal. The sponsors were giving up and Romney managed to turn the Olympic games around.

In February 2011 he announced his candidacy for president of the United States of America. He sees himself as someone who knows how to fix things and if he is elected he can fix the economic situation in America. He says that he has created many jobs in the firm Bain Capital, he will also succeed as job creator all over America, if he will become President of the United States. In August 2012 he was officially nominated candidate for president at the republican convention.

"The pursuit of the difficult makes men strong", is a favourite quote from Mitt Romney and his father, George Romney.

He is now running against Barak Obama for the elections on 6 November.


Kile a esquerda, em 1998. Agora tem 24 anos. Sera que se lembra?

One of our very first Primary 4 pupils, Kyle Mc Corkindale wrote a letter to God and then he showed us God's reply.

Dear Kyle,

Thank you for the lovely letter that you sent me. You are very special to me but so is everyone else in the world. I made people to help the world and I made them similar to me. Every one is so special that I made them all different.

I made food for everyone to survive. I gave you a mother and a father so that you could stay healthy till you grow up. I made you smart so that you could have a good life. I gave you a home to live in and to keep you warm in stead of living out in the cold. You are very special.

Love from