5 things you probably don’t know about Missouri

On today’s travel destinations, we have planned to list 5 things you probably don’t know about Missouri state in US. Stay tuned as we skip through the fun and interesting facts about this state.


Missouri state is located in the middle section of the USA. That’s why the time zone is CTZ (Central Time Zone). It’s not among the most populated (19th) or largest (21st) states, but it’s famous for its touristic sights. 

The state is named after the river with the same name, passing through the state and flows into the great river of Mississippi. Missouri River is among the most beautiful water beds when it comes to spending your weekend. By the way, make sure to check the services The Laser Studio provides (visit here) if you seek to shine alongside the sun at the Missouri river. 

Also, its capital, Jefferson City, is named after Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States. As one of the founding fathers of the United States of America and one of the most popular presidents of the USA ever, the state of Missouri is honored to bear his name on his capital city.

5 Things you probably didn’t know about Missouri

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch in St. Louis is a 630-foot-tall (193m) monument in St. Louis, Missouri. The monument was built in 1965 as a symbol of entering the western world. That’s why it’s called “The Gateway to The West.” The interesting point about this arc is that it’s the tallest man-made monument in the USA. Considering the tallest arcs built ever, Gateway Arch claims the throne. 

Ice Cream Cone

There’s more to St. Louis. In 1904, The Louisiana Purchase Exposition was held in St. Louis. The exhibition was known as the St. Louis World’s Fair. The crowd visiting the exhibition was so high that an ice cream vendor ran out of ice cream cups. To keep the sales going, the guy asked for the help of a waffle vendor by rolling up waffles so that he can fill them with ice cream. 

Hot N Cold

The city of Warsaw in Missouri is one of a kind. This 7km2 city holds the record for the lowest and the highest temperature ever recorded in the USA. The lowest was -40 degrees on February 13, 1905, and the highest temperature was 118 degrees on July 14, 1954. If you plan to go there, make sure to check weather conditions.

City of Fountains

The city of Kansas has 200 official fountains. This crowns the city as the second most fountains operating officially in a city. Which city holds the record? Rome with more than 300 fountains. Either way, when visiting these cities watch for flying waters wherever you go.

Shaken Like Never

The strongest earthquake ever recorded in the USA goes back to 1811 in New Madrid. A series of earthquakes hit the city as powerful as 7.2–8.2 moment magnitude in December. The shaking was felt as far as 1,000 miles away. Images from back then show that even trees were uprooted. The Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee was formed due to the subsidence caused by this earthquake. If the saying “history repeats itself” is right, be prepared if you step into New Madrid.  

Final Words

Overall, Missouri state is full of mysteries, spectacular sights, and National and World records. If you intend to visit the USA and are not sure where to start, Missouri state offers a combined nostalgia and modern-touch experience like no other state. St. Louis and Kansas are the two must-visit cities in the state. Mark Twain’s home and museum, Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, and National World War I Museum are also among the places you can’t miss visiting in Missouri.

Summer in Spain – Enjoy Your Vacation in A Quiet & Serene Land

Summer in Spain is a fun combination of famous tour packages, very overcrowded hotels, resorts, and sunbathing on sandy beaches. Still, there are many other spots to explore if you desire a peaceful getaway. 


Like any tourist-attracting country in the world, Spain has a large number of travelers and tourists every year. It has trendy places that people around the world are familiar with and book trips there for vacations, honeymoons, and more as soon as they get a chance. These hot spots are indeed ideal; however, many prefer to experience a more quiet trip away to more secluded areas, away from chaos and crowds. For those who want peace and serenity, we introduce some lesser-known places. Let’s glance at some not very known tourist favorites summer vacations in Spain beyond resorts and beaches. 

Rías Baixas, Galicia

The Rías Baixas are a series of estuarine inlets on the southwestern Galician coastline, Spain. The Atlantic coast at Rías is washed by calm waters, not many crazy waves, and you can comprehend a heartwarming beach holiday with cold water.

Sanxenxo is the tourist capital of the Rías Baixas, with a touristy port. Although the surroundings, the outskirts of town, and the village render a fisherman’s rural vibe, you would completely experience the authentic local life of Spanish people, especially in the neighboring city of Portonovo with the charming harbor.

Its nearby islands are fascinating, and ferries usually get there; they describe the Playa del Rodas on the Cies islands as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Malaga and the Costa del Sol

You probably heard about Malaga as one of the renowned summer haunts in Spain. This place with gorgeous beaches and relaxing and delightful outdoor restaurants get very busy during holidays. But to make the best out of Malaga in the summertime, you can go off the beaten path.

Just move in the opposite direction of the crowded tourist areas and toward inland to seek scenic views and landscapes and learn more about historical and cultural relics. You can easily explore pristine neighboring villages like Frigiliana and Archidona, which are not very far away, and Grenada with the famous Alhambra palace complex.

Empordà, Catalonia

The Catalan region of Empordà is a less-reputed land that stretches from the north of Girona to the French border. Emporda is a natural and historical region of Catalonia, peaceful countryside with vineyards, olives, fields, and quiet villages. As you drive through narrow roads, you spot medieval boroughs with ancient architecture and towns, including La Pera, Monells, and Peratallada, reminiscent of Tuscany.

The most secluded of all is the village of Madremanya, located on top of a hill, with distinctive16-century stone buildings and an uncanny medieval vibe.

Don’t forget to visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres and taste the medieval flavored dishes in Empordà for a change of pace.

Basque Country

Euskadi, most known as the Basque Country, is a tranquil and graceful community in Northern Spain, with 45 beaches tucked into the rugged coastline. Its most famous city is San Sebastián (aka Donostia) which encounters a large wave of tourists all summer. It’s a resort town known for Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondarreta beaches, with shallow, calm waters.

Once again, explore the Basque countryside off the beaten track to stay clear of the crowded area; for example, visit the small town of Zumaia or Itzurun with the beautiful Playa de Zarautz beach.

Bottom Line

Whether you head for tourist-oriented spots or undisturbed areas, spending summer in Spain can be fun and adventurous, full of romantic moments, passionate memories, or wild sensations.

Best UK Holiday Destinations – Travel Guide

With Britain’s great old civilization and countryside highlights, there are many remarkable sites to gaze upon and activities to enjoy while vacationing. Travelers enjoy many famous historical monuments in the UK’s big cities, yet there are many more to explore.

Are you looking for holiday ideas on Britain’s beautiful highlights? We’re here to help and have rounded up the very best UK holiday destinations to visit, from north to south. There are natural habitats, breathtaking railway trips, and historic cities you shouldn’t miss out on! 

Look at some of the alluring UK attractions and recommended holiday destinations.

Scottish Highlands

If you’re a fan of remote mountains and quiet scenery among beaches and lochs, the Scottish Highlands, home to the largest national park in Britain, is where you should seek that peace. In the Highlands, there are many natural attractions and fascinating places to visit, like the pristine Cairngorms mountain range and the legendary Loch Ness with a mysterious background. You can also explore Ben Nevis and Eilean Donan Castle and go for an exhilarating ride on the Hogwarts Express (a Jacobite steam train).


This place has everything you can imagine, from scenic greenery to unspoiled countryside, fabulous kid-friendly castles, and delightful wildlife. While hanging out around Norfolk, each experience is worth your time, and every corner shines with history and lively moments. You can watch the seals and their pups, stroll in the breathtaking countryside, and wander around windmills. Seek adventure by train with the Bittern Line, Poppy Line, Bure Valley Railway, and the Mid-Norfolk Railway. 

The abundance of historic and natural locations makes Norfolk truly a fantastic place to visit, with no boredom and no rush.


Going to Windsor is a royal adventure, touring around magnificent castles and exploring remarkable history. For example, Windsor Castle is considered the oldest and largest castle in the world with residents.

This luxurious kingly palace still has a lively, brilliant atmosphere, which stands out from the old castle and ancient ruins. The castle towers and battlements peer over the town, rendering a marvelous skyline. As one of the most phenomenal UK holiday destinations, the Queen has recently chosen to reside there permanently, making it even more a unique attraction.  


In the Hebrides, an archipelago made of hundreds of islands off the northwest coast of Scotland, the wildlife is phenomenal, and the landscapes are impressive to watch and search around. A Slice of heaven to explore, with spectacular natural features and one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles.

There are Scotland’s Inner and the Outer Hebrides, which the latter will amaze you with enigmatic ruins and standing stones dating back thousands of years.


Britain’s most underrated capital city is an excellent opportunity for nature-lovers to have a blast while strolling from beaches and scenic Strangford Lough. They can go kayaking in the calm waters, spot the seals, and have a guided tour of the lough’s deserted isles. In Belfast, you get to hang out in the botanical gardens or choose historical sites to discover, like the impressive Titanic Belfast; it is up to you.


If you care to know England better and closer to what it is meant to be as a majestic nation, the grand county of Kent is the place for you to start your adventurous journey. There are plenty of castles, gardens, and vineyards to explore, so many gorgeous places to visit, and activities to enjoy despite the peaceful county surroundings. You can walk through Sissinghurst Castle Garden and enjoy a love story fairytale, watch The White Cliffs of Dover, visit Botany Bay, and don’t forget Hever Castle.

Bottom Line

For an utterly memorable vacation, seek out UK holiday destinations, their mesmerizing brilliant scenery, and secretive historic sites. 

Uzbekistan: A Beautiful, Remote Destination

Uzbekistan is a beautiful country that not many people know about. It’s located in the heart of Central Asia, and it has beautiful natural landscapes, historic cities and friendly people. This blog post will introduce you to Uzbekistan, from the capital city Tashkent to Bukhara and Samarkand, two of its most popular tourist destinations.

Samarkand – beautiful ancient cities with famous monuments such as the Registan and Gur Emir Mausoleum. You can visit them on an exciting day trip from Tashkent ! Between these historic sites is located Bibi Khanoum Hill , a beautiful park where you can have a nice picnic or relax during your free time. If you’re looking for accommodation in Uzbekistan, we recommend at one of the hotels near Amir Temur Square , a beautiful and lively square in the center of Tashkent .

 BUKHARA – beautiful historic city, UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautiful mosques and madrassas from the 12th to 19th centuries. Bukhara is a very spiritual place; you can even find ancient Buddhist temples in this region! If you’re looking for accommodation near all these beautiful sites, we recommend one of the hotels near Poi Kalon Square , another beautiful square where many locals like to hang out during their free time.

KHIVA – beautiful historic city near the border with Uzbekistan, beautiful karez system, mausoleums and minarets. Khiva is a very spiritual place; you can even find ancient Buddhist temples in this region! If you’re looking for accommodation near all these beautiful sites, we recommend one of the hotels in Ichan Kala , an old fortress situated on top of a hill where many locals like to hang out during their free time.

SHAHRISABZ – beautiful historic city with beautiful mosques, madrassas and minarets. Shahrisabz is a very spiritual place; you can even find ancient Buddhist temples in this region! If you’re looking for accommodation near all these beautiful sites, we recommend one of the hotels near Bibi Khanum Hill , a beautiful park where many locals like to hang out during their free time.

TASHKENT – Uzbekistan’s capital city full of history, culture and great food ! You’ll be amazed by its beautiful architecture that has influenced Tashkent since it was built on top of two medieval cities named Angor . Between these old towns are located Chorsu Market Square , an exciting market square surrounded by local stores fruit juices stalls and restaurants , Tashkent Grand Mosque , beautiful mosque with green domes surrounded by trees, Chorsu Bazaar , interesting market where you can find many souvenirs, handicrafts stalls.

Chorsu Bazaar  – interesting market where you can find many souvenirs, handicrafts stalls.

 Chorsu Bazaar – an exciting market square surrounded by local stores fruit juices stalls and restaurants . Grand Mosque – mosque with green domes surrounded by trees. Tashkent’s Architecture – influenced since it was built on top of two medieval cities named Angor . You’ll be amazed by its architecture that has influenced Tashkent since it was built on top of two medieval cities named Angor .